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Lorien Trust Info


They claim to be the oldest of the Heartland races. Yet in truth, no one knows the validity of this claim. Fey are a mystery in themselves and a source of complete bafflement to the majority of humans. The morals and values of Fey are utterly different to those of the younger races and only the Elves can claim at least a limited understanding of their ideas and culture.

In fact, despite often seeming flighty, the Fey are actually a deeply spiritual people. What is known is that long ago, the Fey lost the ability to procreate and to replenish their race.

In the majority, Fey belief divides into two schools of thought, called Courts amongst their kind. These are known as Seelie and Unseelie. The Seelie Court is the closest approximation to the more acceptable values of humans. The Unseelie are more difficult to comprehend and tend to have a more alien moral code, if any moral code at all.

The Fey claim to be descended from a race known as the Shining Ones in the mortal tongue. Yet these creatures are only spoken of in whispers by the Fey themselves and are almost as much a legend to the Heartlands, as that of the Dragon.

Amongst all races, Fey are unique in their vulnerability to the touch of cold forged iron. The origin of this weakness is not known for certain outside of the inner circles of the courts, yet it involves a time long before the Race Wars. It is claimed by some that the creatures known as Fomor are in some way corrupt kin of the Fey, and that their argument also stems from this event, long ago in the history of the world.

Some amongst the Fey are known to reside in the Heartlands. Yet the majority make their home in the mystical realm of Arcadia. This land is a magical realm, linked to the world of Erdreja by ancient lines of magic, which are claimed to be older than the Fey themselves.

The Gelf, are a strange sub-race of Fey. These creatures tend to be the most similar to humans in demeanour and appearance. Whilst it is known that they are still Fey, the subtle differences between them can be noted in that Gelf will often defer to Fey.

To the Fey, age is irrelevant, only memories are important. Owing to their transitory nature, these creatures often forget the long pasts and lives that they might have had and even are known to lose track of the kinships of their people. In contrast, the creatures will often find the most precious of matters trivial, whilst the trivial may become disturbingly serious. This seemingly chaotic demeanour is actually often the opposite when one learns to understand it.

In truth, to understand a Fey one must be one.

Playing a Fey
Fey players in the Lorien Trust system have over the year set a strange style and look to the race a background that states feys shape is not set although this gives you no additional benefits as lead to most Fey players leaning towards bright and colourful costume and make-up that stands out to show they are fey. Pointed ears seem to be a common theme as fey are really based upon the Fairy Folk. With this, anyone considering playing Fey should enjoy themselves as much as possible in the selection of costume and props generally, the brighter the better.

Fey races age is a strange phenomenon, Fey do age and do die of old age with them living to be around 800 to 1000 years old. Most Fey due to the way they are role played will tell you there age is much greater than it actually is. This is due to their age being measured in memories more than years. This does not give any additional bonuses to you as a player it is just an additional tool to use in your role play.
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